Individual Lesson

Lessons are organised on a one teacher to one pupil basis and last 45 minutes. The lesson concentrates on simple movements where the teacher will try to prevent the usual misuse. Most people sit, stand, walk and talk using far more energy and tension than necessary. The lesson slows the pupil down so that they become far more aware of how they actually move, combined with the teacher’s gentle movements and verbal directions. There is also a lying down period, where the body is in an optimum state of balance and the teacher tries to iron out the distortions and encourage the postural reflexes to work again.

I am in this practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7.45am to 5.00pm. To book a lesson please email moniquemstone@gmail.com or phone 07980 570968 or 020 8883 5611.

Presentations in Your Workplace

We can arrange this to suit your requirements.

Private Medical Insurance

Many of the major private medical insurance companies may reimburse Alexander Technique lessons. Most will do so only on a GP’s or consultant’s referral. You should check the requirements with your company. The following companies may reimburse the cost of lessons:

Allied Dunbar, BCWA, Cigna, The Civil Service Medical Aid Association, The E.C. Joint Medical Insurance Scheme, Executive Healthcare Ltd., Healthcare Management, Iron trades Ass. Co., Managed Care Consultants Ltd., Medical Claims Handling, Medisure, Norwich Union, OHRA, Orion, Prime Health, UAP Provincial Insurance, The U.N.’s Medical Insurance Scheme, Willis Healthcare, WPA

For further information contact the practice via email moniquemstone@gmail.com or phone 07980 570968 or 020 8883 5611.